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Design and engineering companies

The integration of BIM digital processes and methods in design and engineering companies can lead to multiple benefits, acting on the different phases of the construction process: from the preliminary phase to the execution and monitoring of construction and validation activities.

Construction companies

The construction company today has to deal with the need to create both the physical asset, such as the building or infrastructure, and its digital twin.

This latter is a model which, starting from its application in the construction phase to anticipate and avoid construction site problems, evolves up to the creation of a model capable of digitally replicating the physical asset.


The application of BIM requires clear and well-defined rules. Therefore, it is essential to identify and explain the information requirements of the Clients to create the basis for a well-functioning process.

BIM models must be properly verified and validated to guarantee their usability during the phases of the construction process. This is precisely the activity in which the Clients play a fundamental role.

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