About us

ConITeng stems from the idea of supporting the construction sector in the transition towards digital and sustainability.

We believe that innovation is the main driver to achieve this goal, offering cutting-edge services for all players involved in the building process.


The application of innovative processes, techniques and tools is not a choice, but a necessity in order to give concrete answers to the growing challenges posed by the construction sector.

The combination of experience in the field and innovation allows us to guarantee reliable results and functional solutions.

Correct information management along the production process and the activation of collaborative flows between the players involved allow us to optimize the resources.

We at ConITeng s.r.l. firmly believe in the transmission of knowledge and we make the support between professional activity and training a central focus.

Approach and Methodology

The approach and working methodology of our BIM company is always developed around  3 fundamental principles:

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability.


Our approach is based on the application of innovative tools, methods and processes.


We use multidisciplinary skills and promote collaborative activities


Innovation and collaboration: with the aim of making the construction sector a more sustainable and efficient one.

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