BIM Areas


From the preliminary phase, based on volumes and masses, up to the detailing and construction coordination phases, BIM can have a fundamental contribution to the architectural theme.

The different ways and levels of development of models and information objects can support the whole construction process.


The modeling and management of the structures creates a bridge between the calculation and the information and geometric management of the structure itself.

A support that guarantees coordination both in the structural field and in the relationship with all the other disciplines involved.


Mechanical, electrical, water, drainage, fire-fighting systems. The MEP discipline contains an intrinsic complexity given by the necessary juxtaposition of complementary systems, which often must fit into articulated architectural and structural contexts.

The use of BIM in the plant engineering sector has a unique value in all phases of the construction process.


The information management of the infrastructures requires a punctual geographic coordination of the models to guarantee both the development of the singular works (bridges, stations, viaducts, etc.) and their management in the context of the entire project.


Our cities are full of often invisible systems that run under roads, parking lots, etc.

The information management of subservices requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining the various plant, road and landscape fields, in order to optimize coordination between all the stakeholders.

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